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Kimberly Eaton must survive corrupted, bio-chemical-enthused, adults, the volatile girls from her group home, and an antagonistic bully, all while coping with hormones and miserably awkward feelings for her impossible crush, Nate. Suddenly, Her mother’s “accidental” death overshadows everything.

Kim suspects Dan Navena, Lana's egotistical, prominent boyfriend and pillar of the Dalhia, Florida community, was involved in her murder. After witnessing Dan’s twisted threats towards Kim, Nate enlists his friends Dylan, Marcus, Halley, and an unlikely drug pusher, Calli to help. With the support of detectives, FBI, her social worker Carla, group home friends, and others, the kids haphazardly try to play Private Investigators. 

Through comedic teenage romantic drama, painful mishaps, loyal friendships, and amazing chemistry and tech skills, they manage to uncover evidence that could help save lives. In the midst of everything, Kim dreams about living in a good home-with her sister...


Sara Eaton’s chaotic bartending and school world is rocked by an opportunity to become her sister’s legal guardian. This 7-year old fantasy now includes psychiatric treatment for Kim, which triggers self-inflicted feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Chef Andres and the Ramirez family remain her support and shelter as another storm gains in strength.

Complicating their lives further, Sara and employer Miguel Vegas have been unhealthily avoiding each other for years in an effort to protect his reputation and maintain a neutral, professional relationship. Repressed desire is masked behind excessive working and drinking habits while anxiety and emotional distress are at their highest. As Sara’s wall crumbles, Miguel lovingly reacts. A once profound friendship and impulsive, heated, passionately charged promises may not be enough for Sara to risk Kim’s placement or endanger all of their futures with Miguel’s idealistic, spontaneous dreams… 


Always a Good Ending...

Escapist reading is one of my favorite things to do! 

Outside of getting lost in fiction,
I love helping others and am thankful to have worked with many truly amazing people of various ages, backgrounds, and personalities!

When I'm able to, I enjoy kayaking, writing, and taking road trips with friends and family.

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Thank You

I want to thank my eccentric grandma for bonding over drama, engaging in theatrical rule-breaking and for card playing and storytelling with fun, care-free relatives-all of which helped me get through school.


“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living..."   -Dr. Seuss